Sikkim : SPYF Calls-For Public Apology From Political Secretary Jacob Khaling

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  • Sujal Pradhan, NET Correspondent, Sikkim

Sikkim Progressive Youth Forum (SPYF) on Monday sought an apology from the Political Secretary Jacob Khaling as well as from the state government for referring their members as ‘Anti-Nationals’, and citing them as ‘Terrorists’ for participating in farmers protest.

Recently, PM Narendra Modi repealed all three farm laws and tendered apology to the farmers.

Responding to the move, the Sikkim Political Secretary Jacob Khaling through a press release stated that the National Investigation Agency (NIA), State Intelligence, Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) are investigating the matter through a close-watch.

He urged the agencies to publicize the outcome of their reports. Meanwhile, if anyone found guilty, these intelligence units must undertake legal action if not then tender apology.

Its pertinent to note that Geyzing college-goers, such as – Pravin Upreti, Praveen Basnet, Nakul Sharma and Loknath Chettri were expelled by authorities, for allegedly participating in farmers protest at Singhu border as a part of solidarity.

In this context, Political Secretary to CM and Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM)’ spokesperson Jacob Khaling had said “such individuals who disguise themselves as students are now misleading the Geyzing college students, they may have been involved in the unfurling of the National Flag in Red Fort. They are anti-nationals, who incite violence in Sikkim and we request investigative agencies to find out if they were involved in Red Fort chaos”.

Khaling further added that SKM party will approach the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), NIA and other investigative agencies to find out about the concerned duo and their alleged involvements in the unfurling of the National Flag in Red Fort.

The General Secretary of SPYF, Rupen Karki while challenging the government said “now the PM had also tendered apology to the farmer as the protest has been legitimized after this but what about the defamation which they brought to our members by tagging them as ‘Anti Nationals’, the damage has been done, it has dampened the reputation of the students who will compensate, so Jacob Khaling and Chief Minister too should tender their apology publicly or prove they are anti-nationals, they must have investigated so tell us the outcome of the investigation.

While Shankher Sharma, Executive member of SPYF said “state knows that we have protested a lot for fulfillment of Indian Public Health Standard (IPHS) in government hospitals in districts and at that time SKM was also with us, they also supported the cause and now after coming to power they are not working to fulfill the same, not only this we have even submitted the petition with 1000 signatures but still condition of districts hospitals are pathetic after three years of SKM led government.”

He also labelled a serious allegation asserting about the lack of teaching faculties in schools.

Further sharing about the scarcity, Shankher said “the condition of schools especially in remote parts are pathetic as there are no teachers and lockdown has now further degraded the situation and students have suffered a loss now who will compensate their losses.”

He added “there were no teachings in schools during the lockdown, they will pass the exam somehow as there are provisions for internal assessment but in future how will they face competitive exams?”

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