Arunachal Pradesh : Awareness Programme On “Mental Health Preventives & Implementations” Conducted In Tawang

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Keeping in view of stigmas related to mental health and stress issues prevailing among the healthcare professionals, administrators and law enforcing agents, the Mukhya Mantri Manasik Swasthya Yojana Society of Arunachal Pradesh today organized a one-day awareness programme on the provisions & implementations of ‘Mental Healthcare Act 2017’ at FC’s Conference Hall, Tawang district.

Conducted for the administrators, law enforcing agents, medical professionals and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) representatives, this programme aimed to generate awareness about mental health needs, and how such conditions needs to be addressed.

There is a growing evidence of increased prevalence of psychological problems (stress, depression, anxiety) and feelings of burnout among communities, especially when mental health needs of medical professionals and law agents are taken into account.

Responding to the same, this awareness programme has been organized to let society understand the significance of mental health, and how persons with such issues must be treated with utmost care & compassion.

The Mental Healthcare Act (MHCA) passed by the government in 2017 looks to guard, advance and fulfill the rights of persons with mental illness, thereby establishing the urgency to grant affordable mental healthcare to its citizens.

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