Sikkim HC Quashed Expulsion Orders Of 4 Debarred College-Goers, SNS Demands Apology For Mental Trauma

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  • Sujal Pradhan, NET Correspondent, Sikkim 

The Sikkim High Court (HC) today quashed the expulsion order of four students and lambasted the Geyzing College authorities for debarring these students, just for demanding better facilities from the institution.

Considered as a long-wait, these students will now be reinstated in the college.

The Court has observed the debarring there students marks the complete violation in principle of natural justice.

Meanwhile, a writ petition have also been filed by these four students challenging the expulsion order before the court.

The petitioner complained that concerned educational institution failed to meet infrastructural requirements of students, especially those from Science & Commence streams.

According to this complaint, the institution lacked an economic environment, and the students attempted to highlight their grievances before the authorities, who also assured them of looking into the matter.

However, after the failure to take-up the matter by college authorities, led the students to record a video clip.

It pointed-out the infrastructure deficiencies of the college, and uploaded the same on social media platforms.

However, on examination of such records, authorities found out complete violation of natural justice, without giving any opportunity to the petitioner to reveal their part of this story.

Reacting to the order, the Sikkimey Nagarik Samaj (SNS) issued a press communiqué to express its indebtedness to the Sikkim HC for reinstating the faith of common people in Law and Humanity by quashing the expulsion order of the four students expelled from Gyalshing College.

“It is a huge blow to the tyranny of SKM Government and victory of the common Sikkimese people. The expulsion of four students was an egoistic decision of SKM Government because of which students and their families had to undergo tremendous mental agony.” – asserted the release.

“Blinded by position and power, SKM government paid no heed to the numerous pleadings by the individuals, students, organisations and political parties demanding withdrawal of expulsion orders against those students. Instead, SKM Government labelled those innocent students as terrorists.” – the release further reads.

Adding further, the party stated, “However, the High Court has brought a great relief not just to the four students but to the entire law abiding citizens of Sikkim.

We congratulate the students for their victory and extend our sincere gratitude to all the individuals and organisations who stood by and supported the students.”

Now, Sikkimey Nagarik Samaj demands necessary action against Education Minister Kunga Nima Lepcha, Political Secretary Jacob Khaling, ACS GP Upadhyay and the college administration for ruining the future of poor students.

“We hope that SKM Government will realize their mistake and compensate every irreparable losses caused to those students in rightful manner.”

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