War On Drugs : Mizoram Narcotics Department Incinerates Contraband Substances Worth Over 2 Crores

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  • Ezrela Dalidia Fanai, NET Correspondent, Mizoram 

The Excise and Narcotics Minister Dr. K. Beichhua shared that contraband substances worth over Rs 2 crores have been incinerated today at Bethany Multipurpose Farm, Aizawl district of Mizoram.

Speaking at a function held at Aizawl, Beichhua lauded the tireless efforts of Excise and Narcotics Department, and their efficient functioning in foiling such drug rackets operating within the state.

He said, “though the state Excise and Narcotics is a small and understaffed department lacking sophisticated equipments, you are doing a good job in the war against drugs. This is mainly because the staffs are efficient, non corrupted and are free from any form of substance abuses.”

The Minister appealed the people of Mizoram and all Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to support the Narcotics Department in the war against drugs and illegal sale of liquor.

Meanwhile, during the event, the following drugs were incinerated –

A. Heroin No. 4 – 8.331 kgs worth Rs. 2,08,50,000/-

B. Methamphetamine – 2484 Tabs worth Rs. 2,48,400/-

C. Tramadol – 274 tablets worth Rs. 5,480/-

D. Alprazolam – 1694 Tablets worth Rs. 33,880/-

E. Cough Syrup – 1039 Phials worth Rs. 2,59,750/-

F. Ganja – 237.025 Kgs worth Rs. 8,29,587/-

G. NAP-10 – 148 Tablets worth Rs. 2,960/-

H. Diazepam- 2000 Tabs worth Rs. 40,000/-

Moreover, the total value of these drugs is Rs. 2,22,70,057/- (Two crore twenty-two lakhs, seventy thousand and fifty-seven).

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