Recruitment in Panchayat, Rural Development, Government Schools Approved By State Cabinet

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The Assam cabinet has approved recruitment in Panchayat, Rural development and government run schools. This was informed by the Assam Chief Minister, who said that in order to select candidates for third and fourth-grade posts of all departments, a State-level Recruitment Board will be formed.

The Cabinet also decided to engage eligible people as ‘guest teachers’ till the government fills the vacancies with permanent teachers. The government will pay Rs 10,000 per month to each of such guest teachers. The school committees can engage eligible local people, including retired ones, as teachers as stop-gap arrangements if any teacher is on leave for more than a month.

The government will change various ‘distasteful names’ of wards, villages, towns etc., based on proposals from the local populace.

The Cabinet decided to bring amendments to the State Police Accountability Commission Act and the Assam Cattle Preservation Act during the Winter Session of the state Assembly.

It approved the service rules of the Cooperative department’s junior inspector and auditors.

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