Northeast India Can Lead Space Sector In Coming Days, Asserts ISRO Scientist Dr. Jayant Joshi

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  • Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura 

Agartala, December 22, 2021 : Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) scientist Dr. Jayant Joshi on Wednesday opined that the Northeast Region of India can lead the space sector in the coming times.

Speaking with Northeast Today here in Agartala on Wednesday noon, Dr. Joshi asserted that “Space Activity is never confined to any particular state or any region in general. But I see a lot of potentials, especially in the Northeast region. The region is having ample opportunity of scope available.”

“During my interaction with the students especially coming from Northeast, I have seen the type of question they are asking about the space industry and future is very bright. The infrastructure is already available because we have ample resources. The only thing is government should come out and use those resources in the right direction and definitely the NE region will lead the space sector in the coming time”, he added.

Responding to the opening of new avenues in the NE region, Dr. Joshi asserted “ISRO had already opened its door for private players. It is no more only left with the government. In Space, we have many things that we have opened up. Even before that, whatever program or mission we were making 80-90 percent work done by the private industries, we only design develop and do a prototype”.

“We fly one mission, establish their reliability and give it to private industry. So now, it is officially being made public. So small launch vehicle, the small rocket-kind thing is being made by the public, even satellite are being made by private industry, there is a huge scope and I wish that the government should take initiative in spreading the awareness about the Space Science”, he also added.

According to the scientist, “It is the science that is used in Space and that should be taught to students. There is nothing as such like Rocket Science. In Diwali, crackers are fired and hence, a rocket can also be fired, if spin a top is done then can spin satellite too”.

Notably, Dr. Joshi is in Tripura as part of the ‘Ramanujan Amrit Bharat Ganit Yatra’ event which ended in Agartala after visiting 75 schools in 82 days starting from Ahmedabad on October 02 last.

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