Sikkim Government Planning To Import 2 Lakhs Rainbow-Eyed Trout Ova From Himachal Pradesh

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  • Sujal Pradhan, NET Correspondent, Sikkim 

The northeastern state of Sikkim is striving to meet the demands of trout ova, thereby transforming itself into a self-sufficient region in fish production.

Although the region incorporates to a total demand of 10 lakh ovas, but Sikkim’s own largest breeding center situated at Mamenchu lake can only produce 50 thousand such fishes.

Largest trout hatchery of Sikkim – Memencho lake

While from other centers, the Fishing Department annually procures 80,000 to 1,00,000 – not adequate to meet the domestic demands.

Therefore, in order to encourage fish farming, the Sikkim Government is now planning to import 2 lakhs rainbow eyed trout ova from Himachal Pradesh in its first consignment.

While, more will arrive by the next consignments, informed the Director of Directorate of Fisheries, N Jaswant, IFS.

Considered to be a part of mass-scaled fish production, the Director further shared that the tiny Himalayan state is on negotiating with authorities from various states.

According to N Jaswant, if the negotiation ends-up with an affordable price, the state government will important more ‘Blue Revolution’ schemes.

“We have hatcheries but not in a good condition and we have Mamenchu lake which is hatching 50 thousand ova and now after managing some funds we are repairing it. After putting-it-right, the centre will be able to hatch 5 lakh ova so we are hopeful of hatching a good number of fishes for the next breeding season,” – added Jaswant.

The first consignment is likely to be received this week.

However, the Directorate of Fisheries is also exploring possibilities to establish the first Tilipia hatchery/nursery in Sikkim, duly considering the growing popularity of Ova in the culture system.

The state government had also recently notified the guidelines for farming of Tilapia in the state which was previously banned. Besides, two sites were also suggested for establishing Tilapia hatchery in the West and South District as per the preliminary feasibility studies conducted earlier.

In order to encourage cultivators along the concerned sector, the Sikkim government also launched an ambitious scheme called Mukhya Mantri Matsya Utpadan Yojna (A 100 percent state sponsored scheme). It was officially launched by Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang-Golay just a few months back.

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