Arunachal Pradesh : MP Rebia To Lead 2-Days Trekking Expedition For Documenting Renowned Mythology ‘Tai Bida & Mithuns’

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In an attempt to preserve the renowned methodological folklore of Tai Bida (founder of Ganga Lake or Gekar Sinyi) into celluloid, the Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament (MP) and an avid nature lover, Nabam Rebia is gearing-up to lead a two days trekking expedition from Taa Shi to Budum Langney (Snake stone) situated under Toru Circle of Sagalee Sub-Division from December 28-29.

This trekking expedition will also explore the adventure tourism potential of concerned regions.

A host of Everesters, including – Padamshree recipient Dr. Anshu Jamsenpa, Tagit Sorang and Tame Bagang will also join the trekking expedition event.

Besides, expert team of videographers, Freelance Youtubers namely Dr. Tai Mra, research scholars and reputed tour operators will document the renowned folklore of Nyishi Community.

According to DIPRO report, the team will commence its trekking expedition on December 28 from Taa-Shi – the place where foot prints of Tai Bida’s mithuns are located.

Meanwhile, a 4-hours trek in Tenger Yarney hill en-route will also be taken to witness the historical Graham point where a British officer fell down while undertaking an expedition to Sagalee in 1940s.

The team on it’s second day, i.e., December 29 will trek down to Horo Yarney hill and arrive at Satang Base camp followed by the inauguration of Budum Langney Trekker’s Base Camp building at Satang.

The two days trekking expedition is being conducted by Papum Pare District Administration, and Department of Tourism, Yupia in collaboration with Tribal Adventure Tours, Naharlagun.

Its worth noting that Budum Langney is located at 932 meters above sea level in the midst of Horro Yorney Hill in Toru circle under Sagalee Sub-Division. The footprints of Tai Bida is still visible with hole where Balang Budum – a kind of snake appeared before Tai Bida as a symbol of his downfall, and the tale of Tai Bida becoming founder of the famous Gekar Sinyi (Ganga Lake) in Itanagar, while searching for his mithuns is associated with the identity & culture of the state.

But, during the recent times, when modernization has become the most significant factors among residents, mythology and ancient folklores is believed to have taken a backseat, which have been regarded only as stories for children with no bearing on the modern human life.

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