Union Minister Sonowal Meets Agricultural Expert Group, Directs Roadmap Preparation For ‘Sustainable Farming’ Feasibility Along Northeast

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In an attempt to explore the possibility of growth in agricultural patterns, especially among the farming community of Northeastern regions, the Union Minister of Ayush and Ports, Shipping & Waterways Sarbananda Sonowal on Sunday held a meeting with an expert group of Agripreneurs and academicians.

The expert team further asserted the minister about existing types of farming and ecological viability.

According to PIB report, various aspects of farming related to inorganic farming, organic farming and natural farming were discussed from a sustainable and economic perspective of the region during the meeting.

Led by the Vice-Chancellor of Assam Agriculture University (AAU) Dr. Bidyut Deka, the team emphasized that agricultural growth might emerge, by keeping into context both ecological & economic needs of NE.

After thorough investigation, Sonowal requested the expert group to prepare a comprehensive report on the feasibility of organic & natural farming.

This will help to prepare a roadmap for any future-related policy discussions at the highest level of government.

Meanwhile, the report will be prepared at aegis of the Assam Agriculture University (AAU) highlighting about successful agripreneurs involved in organic as well as natural farming and comparative examination of the Northeast region.

“The use of modern technology and expert techniques must be used smartly to reap the benefits of farming in our region. We must learn from our roots and adapt modern techniques so that we can achieve sustainable development. It must respect the ecological balance of our region and at the same time attain economic prosperity for our farming community. We believe that there is huge opportunity for the farming community from the region to avail benefit and become an important stakeholder in expanding the AYUSH based industry in the entire Northeast.” – asserted Sonowal, while elaborating about the significance of sustainable farming in NE.

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