Nagaland : Oting Citizen Group Expresses Resentment Over ‘Para SF Officials’ Presence During Indian Army Inquiry Team’s Visit

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Oting Citizen, a forum of people residing along Oting area in Mon district of Nagaland has expressed their resentment over the presence of ‘3 murderers’ along with the Indian Army Court of inquiry team led by a Major General.

“Despite the cruelsome incident still fresh in our mind, we cooperated and allowed the inquiry team to visit the ground zero in good faith and with the expectation that the inquiry team with clear conscious and impartial mindset would study the surroundings/environment and understand the circumstances and deliver justice by punishing those involved in the massacre of our 13 innocent villagers.” – the Oting Citizen said in a press statement.

“However to our utter surprise, the inquiry team instead of sympathizing with us and taking necessary precautions and measures to avoid hurting us further, brought three blood thirsty 21st Para commandos involved in murdering and injuring innocent Oting villages on the 4th December 2021, with intent to hurt and aggravate the emotions of the grieving families. Bringing those heartless murders is like ‘putting salt to the wounds’ inflicted by them.” – the press release further reads.

It further mentioned that Indian Army statement of ‘the inquiry is progressing expeditiously and all efforts are being made to conclude it at the earliest’, basically tries to appease the common masses, thereby adding that ‘their statement and their action are contradictory’.

“This is proven by presence of those personnel in the inquiry team during their visit to ground zero. What kind of law allows an accused to be an eyewitness to a crime committed by him?” – states the release.

“We can no longer rely and trust on the words of the Indian Army until and unless all the personnel involved in the firing incident are suspended till such time the inquiry/investigation is completed and justice delivered to the victims.” – added the release.

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