Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Greets People On ‘Donyi Polo Day’

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The Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu have extended his best wishes to the people of the frontier state on the auspicious occasion of ‘Donyi Polo Day’.

Celebrated with traditional zest & religious zeal, ‘Donyi Polo Day’ is considered to be a designation given to the indigenous religion of the Tani and other Tibeto-Burman peoples of Arunachal Pradesh, which is symbolized by ‘Donyi’ means ‘Sun’ and ‘Polo’ means ‘Moon’. It aimed to revitalize and institutionalize, thereby protecting its faith from the onslaught of modernity and other outside religions.

Known as the father of Donyi-Poloism for institutionalization of the Tibeto-Burman folk religion, Talom Rukbo believed that the main reason of easy erosion of the traditional culture was that it lacked a written literature. Thus, prayers and hymns were composed to recover and revitalize the endangered rituals.

Based on the same, three major cultural organizations were also founded in 1986, namely – Tani Jagriti Foundation, the Donyi-Polo Youth Federation and the Donyi-Polo Yelam Kebang while many Adi and Tani intellectuals reflected Rukbo’s ideas, and these gradually spread across the tribes and even beyond the Tani people. Thus, December 31, the day when Donyi-Polo Yelam Kebang (DPYK) was set up, is celebrated annually as ‘Donyi-Polo Day’.

Since then, temple areas (gangging), a sacred enclosure popularised by the DPYK since 1996, have been consecrated, religious literature and prayer hymns have been collected and published. To meet the growing number of adherents in the revival, the DPYK had introduced orientation courses, twice a year, to train groups of youth to send back with books and icons to their native villages and encourage people to construct temples and conduct prayers. This spiritual revival movement gradually commenced to spread all over the state.

Being nature worshippers, the indigenous people have given different names to their religions and places of worships, like Donyi-Polo (Dere) by the Galos since 2000s; nyedar namlo (pure place) by the Nyishis since early 2000s; Danyi-Piilo (meder nello) by the Apatanis since 2004, Rang-fraism by Tangsas, and Intayaism by Mishmis of Changlang and Diabng Valley districts. Other names are Kine Nane, Doying Bote, Pedong Nane and Guumin Soyin. Meanwhile, the institutionalization resulted in conduct of prayers at the sacred places every Sundays with chanting of hymns by the priests (nyibus).

The Donyi-Polo believers’ prayers attempts to reestablish the fact mitakuye oyasin (we all are related) and that Arunachalees are a global community.

Taking to Twitter, the Arunachal Pradesh CM also greeted the people on the auspicious occasion, “My heartiest greetings and best wishes to people of Arunachal Pradesh on the auspicious Donyi Polo Day. May the light of revered Ane Donyi and Abu Polo always show us the path to brightness, wisdom and happiness. Bomyerung Donyi Polo! Aturto Ane Donyi! Donyi Polo M Kumbere!”

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