Pre-Poll Violence : Manipur Congress Calls-For Expedite Arrest Of Persecutors

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The Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) has strongly condemned the state government for not undertaking any strict measures to curb the poll-related violence occurring across the state, and demanded the state government to expedite probe and apprehend persecutors involved in the recent gun-attack on Congress supporters at Mayang Imphal Loukok on December 23 night.

During a press conference at Congress Bhawan on Friday, the MPCC Vice-President Kh Ratankumar Singh asserted that poll-related violence took place during the previous elections too, but the significant escalation in its rate have been witnessed ahead of the 12th Manipur State General Assembly Election.

Referring the culprits as “mafia” or “masked man”, Ratankumar informed that citizens have been demanding the state government to bring an end to such terrific conflicts.

However, instead of untoward incidents ending, ‘scary type of poll violence’ is spreading in Mayang Imphal area, Ratankumar stated.

Alleging the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) supporters of initiating such disputes, Ratankumar narrated that two of his workers, who recently joined the Congress from the BJP, were attacked with gunshots while conducting an election campaign in one of the residences at Mayang Imphal Loukok on December 23 at around 7.30 pm. Soon, a First Information Report (FIR) was lodged by the party, but ruling government failed to undertake any actions to apprehend the persecutors.

According to IFP report, Ratankumar further asked, “the state government should give the reason for not initiating any steps to arrest those culprits even after seven days of incident, Ratankumar demanded and questioned if the police department is working under the order of leaders. If the leaders can take swift action against those who give any negative comment to them on social media, why can’t they make any arrest against people involved in poll violence.”

Its worthy to note that another such pre-poll violence recently occurred in Heirok Village, after a third semester student of Thoubal college – Ningthoujam Rohit was gunned down while, his 53-yrs-old father Ningthoujam Premchandra sustained severe injuries.

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