Mizoram : BJP Minority Development Body Interacts With Government Agencies, Discusses About Developmental Schemes Introduced By Centre

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  • Ezrela Dalidia Fanai, NET Correspondent, Mizoram 

The Central Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Minority Development and National Executive Member Elizabeth Nongbri today held a press conference at Aizawl Press Club, to inform about the various developmental schemes being introduced by the Central Government.

During the press conference, Nongbri stated that key aim of the Minority Morcha is to generate awareness about several developmental programmes and schemes of the Central Government being introduced under Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Nongbri asserted that she has interacted with a number of Government agencies like – Development of North Eastern Region (DoNER), NE Handicrafts & Handloom Development Corporation, National Bamboo Mission, NE Rural Agricultural Marketing Corporation, NE Development Finance Corporation, among others, and deliberated the significance of several projects that could be implemented into the northeastern state of Mizoram.

She also stressed the need for an organized platform where training and exhibition of the North East Culture & Society can be highlighted. Nongbri also called-on the North East youth to focus on entrepreneurship, sports and defence services and stated that the Central Ministry, Corporation and Financial Institutions are always ready to lend a helping hand for determined youth.

Nongbri also talked about the empowering women in Mizoram; their presence in all activities ranging from economic and social participation. She also stressed that initiatives need to be undertaken for addressing the political representation of women, in order to realize their full potential in the society.

Elizabeth Nongbri will be touring the Southern part of Mizoram where she will visit all the Autonomous District Council (ADC) Areas, thereby interacting with citizens to bring awareness of the various Minority Schemes and developmental projects of the Central government.

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