Manipur Militant Ambush Incident : NIA Declared Cash Rewards Against 10 Cadres Of Banned Militant Outfits – PLA & MNPF

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The deadly militant ambush in Manipur on an Assam Rifles convoy on November 13, 2021, which took away the lives of 46 Assam Rifles Khuga Battalion Commanding Officer, Colonel Viplab Tripathi, his wife and their 8-year-old son, along with 4 other brave paramilitary personnel – Rfn Suman Swargiary, Rfn Khatnei Konyak, Rfn RP Meena, and Rfn Shyamal Das raised immediate retaliation against insurgent groups & separatist movements operating across Northeast India. Responding to the shameless move initiated by militants, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) have declared cash rewards against 10 wanted cadres of People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and Manipur Naga People’s Front (MNPF).

The Investigation agency has registered a case against the deadly ambush with reference to – NIA Case No. RC-33/2021/NIA-DLI dated 27.11.2021 registered u/s 121, 121 A, 302, 307, 326 and 34 of IPC, Sections 10 and 20 of UA(P) Act, Section 25(1C) of Arms Act and Section 5 of Explosive Substances Act.

These 10 wanted cadres of PLA & MNPF includes –

1. S/S Lt. Col. Chaoyai @ Pukhrambam Mani Meetei (46 years) @ Joy, S/o (L) Ph. Angoutombi, r/o Seraou Mayai Leikai, Kakchin District, Manipur (Rs 8 lakhs).

2. S/S Lt. Col. Sagolsem Inaocha @ Ranjit Naorem @ Inaocha @Anganba Mongang, S/o S. Indra Singh, R/o Kakwa Naorem Leikai, PS-Singjamei, Imphal West, Manipur (Rs 8 lakhs).

3. S/S Lt. Sanatomba, Tentha Village, District-Thoubal, Manipur (Rs. 6 lakhs).

4. S/S Lt. Khaba, r/o Either Khurai Area, PS-Porompat or Andro Area, PS-Andro, Manipur (Rs. 4 lakhs).

5. S/S Lt. Khwairakpa, r/o, Bashikhong Area, Imphal East, Manipur (Rs. 4 lakhs).

6. S/S Lt. Nongyai @ Nongphai, Manipur (Address not known) (Rs. 4 lakhs).

7. S/S Cpl Joseph, Manipur (Adress not known) (Rs. 4 lakhs).

8. S/S Lt. Rocky, R/o Huikap, Manipur (Rs 4 lakhs).

9. S/S Lt. Balin, Manipur (Address not known) (Rs. 4 lakhs).

10. S/S Lt. Kanta @ Santa, Manipur (Address not known) (Rs. 4 lakhs).


The agency further mentioned that if any person is having any information on the above suspects leading to their arrest or apprehension, the information may be shared on the following numbers and e-mail address :


Telephone : 011-24368800

E-mail ID :


Telephone : 0385-2415135

Mobile : 6909366178 (WhatsApp/Telegram)

E-mail ID :

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