Mizoram Government Issues Revised COVID-19 SOPs For Entry-Point Screening

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Since the outbreak of COVID-19, several mutations and variants have continued to emerge with “Omicron Variant” which is believed to incorporate of a high transmissibility rate, thereby escalating tensions among medical fraternities. In a bid to prevent its deadly outcomes, and mitigate the spread of COVID-19 infections, the Mizoram Government today issued revised Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for entry-point screening.

The decision has been undertaken after receiving concerned recommendations of the State Level Expert Team on Covid-19 Management.

According to DIPR report, the revised guidelines include –


1. Screening at Entry Points and Quarantine :

* All the entrants to the State of Mizoram shall fulfil the formalities prescribed by Home Department, Government of Mizoram, and shall also be screened for Covid-19 at the entry screening points with RAgT for Covid-19 unless exempted under sub-para 1.5 below.

* All persons tested positive shall be isolated/ treated as per existing Covid-19 management protocol.

* Asymptomatic persons tested negative with RAgT may not be qurantined, but shall follow Covid Appropriate Behaviour (CAB),

* Symptomatic person tested negative with RAgT shall be tested with RT-PCR/ TrueNat, and shall be quarantined for a period of 5 (five) days even if he/she is found negative in such a test, and be tested again with RT-PCR/TrueNat after the said 5 (five) days.

* Exemption from RAgT screening : Asymptomatic Persons entering Mizoram may be exempted from entry point screening and quarantine subject to production of the following documents before the Entry Point Screening Team :

(1) Negative RT-PCR/TrueNat/ CBNAAT test Report for Covid-19 issued by a recognised laboratory within 72 hours prior to the time of entry, OR

(2) Certificate of discharge from Home Isolation or Covid care facility issued by the competent authority within 3 months prior to the date of entry.

Persons having the certificate shall monitor themselves for any Covid-19 symptoms for 7 days while strictly following the COVID-19 Appropriate Behaviour (CAB). However, no symptomatic people shall be exempted from RAgT screening even if he/she produces any of the Certificates mentioned here above.

2. Self-Monitoring : Persons to monitor themselves shall strictly follow CAB viz. social distancing, proper wearing of face-mask covering mouth and nose, and hand hygiene; and watch out for any of the Covid-19 symptoms as indicated below, and shall seek advice from the CMO/ MO concerned or the Helpline at telephone Nos. 102/ 0389 2323336/ 0389 2322336/ 0389 2318336.

Besides, the COVID-19 symptoms listed includes –

A. Fever.

B. Cough.

C. Loss of taste/ smell.

D. Sore throat/ throat irritation.

E. Malaise/ Weakness.

F. Body ache /Headache.

G. Gastro-intestinal upset.

H. Diarrhoea.

I. Dizziness.

J. Anorexia/Nausea/Vomiting.

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