No Refugee In Arunachal Pradesh Can Claim Indigenous Tribals Rights, Under Shadow Of CAA : Union Minister For Law & Justice Kiren Rijiju

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In the backdrop of racial profiling charges of Buddhist Chakmas & Hindu Hajongs, the Union Minister of Law & Justice Kiren Rijiju on Thursday assured that under the Citizenship (Amendment) Act or CAA, no refugee in Arunachal Pradesh can claim the rights of indigenous tribals of the northeastern state.

Addressing the mediapersons after attending the Shi-Donyi festival of the Tagin community, Rijiju asserted that CAA provides special privileges to the Northeast as the region is exempted from its purview.

“Under CAA, no refugee can claim tribal rights in Arunachal Pradesh. Union Home Minister Amit Shah has already sent a clear message to the Chakma and Hajong refugees living in the state,” – stated Rijiju.

“The government has sent a message to the Chakma and Hajong refugees to look for an alternative (state to stay). We hope they will support the government’s decision and act accordingly,” he added.

Recently, the All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) have forwarded a 15-days deadline to the BJP-led Government for resuming the census procedure of Chakmas & Hajongs, residing across the frontier state.

However, earlier, the Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu announced that Chakma and Hajong refugees will be resettled outside the state.

Reaction to a query on the establishment of an independent High Court in the state, Rijiju said a prior proposal must be forwarded by the state government along with the budget required for the court building, following which the Centre will look into the matter.

Meanwhile, responding to China’s “renaming” of 15 places in the state, Rijiju said that Arunachal Pradesh is an integral part of India and China has no right to do such an exercise.

Its worthy to note that recently China has released the second batch of standardized names for 15 places of the northeastern state. Among these official names, which have been given precise co-ordinates, eight are residential areas, four – mountains, two are rivers, while one is a mountain pass.

The official names for eight towns on the list were – Sengkezong and Daglungzong in Cona county of Shannan prefecture, Mani’gang, Duding and Migpain in Medog county of Nyingchi, Goling, Damba in Zayu county of Nyingchi, and Mejag in Lhunze county of Shannan; the mountains were Wamo Ri, Deu Ri, Lhunzhub Ri and Kumingxingze Feng; the two rivers were Xenyogmo He and Dulain He, and the mountain pass on the list was Se La.

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