Sikkim : Ruling SKM Government Is “Book Of Lies”; Asserts SDF Minister G.M. Gurung

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  • Sujal Pradhan, NET Correspondent, Sikkim 

Second in command of Sikkim Democratic Party (SDF), G.M. Gurung today asserted that the ruling Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) government is a ‘book of lies’.

“They somehow managed to come into power, basically a repercussion which occurred due to SDF’s fault, but people are now regretting their decision, villagers have realized the lies been forwarded to them prior to the bypolls.” – stated Gurung.

Further mentioning about the same, Gurung maintained that SKM government failed to fulfill their promises, so now in upcoming 2024 elections, masses will answer through their votes and once again SDF government will return back to power.

He said a huge chunk of people have realized that they have made a mistake in the 2019 election and now they will act as silent voters, who will cast their votes to SDF party.

He also said “SDF has just fallen down. It will stand again, if President Pawan Chamling doesn’t take the leadership, I will take party along and we will come back again. But we will come back, that is for sure.”

Its worthy to note that currently SDF has just one MLA, which means the Party President Pawan Kumar Chamling from Namchi constituency. After 2019 elections, 10 legislators of SDF joined the BJP and two MLAs joined the ruling SKM.

After the concerned move, SDF party remained dormant, which is now attaining some momentum especially after SDF Chief Pawan Chamling’s arrival from New Delhi who was accorded with grand welcome by its party supporters at Bagdogra.

Reacting to the recent statement made by Sikkim Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang-Golay, alleging the previous governments of interfering into internal matters of several organizations, Gurung asked, “he is politicizing it, normally or traditionally Chuba is the main place for Gurung community but they celebrated at Namthang, which was not organized by Gurung body so I didn’t feel like going there but CM made mockery of it publicly, isn’t it that politics.”

He also stated, “just making Rodhi Ghar is not sufficed in order to develop the Gurung community, there should be overall development of the community and single day celebration of Tamu Lochar is not enough, but all-round development will turn-in fortune for the people of Gurung community.”

“And I must tell that Rodhi Ghar was sanctioned during the SDF government but SKM did additional sanction and changed the place.” – added Gurung.

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