Arunachal Pradesh : Deputy CM Hands-Over Archival Materials & Manuscripts Of Various Tribes To RGU

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Arunachal Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein handed over archival materials and manuscripts (MS) of about 2,000 pages associated with various tribes to the nodal department (history) of Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) on Friday.

Collected from the National Archives of India (Delhi), the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library (Delhi), the Indian Council of Historical Research (Delhi), the State Archives of Assam, the British Library and Museum, and various other sources by Nepha Wangsa and Chow Bilaseng Namchoom, the documents were handed-over during a joint meeting of the Core Committee on “Unsung Heroes of Arunachal Pradesh” and the research subcommittee of RGU.

Mein urged everyone to shoulder their tasks responsibly, and asserted that several engagements of the indigenous people with the then British government are still unknown and untraced.

“The British accounts, their official correspondence, missionary writings and other documents found in the archives are the main sources of information regarding engagements with the British government,” he said.

While citing Arunodoi, as the first Assamese magazine published in 1846, Mein said that “the Khamti-British war of 1839 and Mishmis are categorically reflected in the magazine published in 1848, while other documents depict the four Anglo-Abor wars, Wancho engagements with the British at Ninu, other engagements of the Nyishis, Singphos, Akas, etc,” – stated Mein.

“Such documents speak volumes about our people of those times, who are not known to the present generation,” Mein said.

He further added that, “with the help of such documents, we need to rewrite our history and make it known to the world.”

Mein also urged the nodal department to prepare its detailed report responsibly within a stipulated time under the leadership of RGU VC Prof Saket Kushwaha. He assured of all possible support from the state government “in the process of the execution of the blueprint.”

“The nature of the work to get the unsung heroes of Arunachal Pradesh recognized is challenging but it will be historic once the compilation and extensive research work is done in our perspective and included in the NCERT books,” the DCM said.

He urged the research committee members to work as a team “without giving any scope for criticism in future.”

Meanwhile, the Core committee member Tai Tagak suggested the establishment of martyrs’ memorial in Itanagar, and spoke about the fallen soldiers of the Sino-India war of 1962, in which many Arunachal Pradesh-based jawans were martyred in the line of duty.

“There are also many porters who volunteered to aid the Indian soldiers during the wartime. Such heroes should also find a place for recognition,” Tagak said.

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