Sikkim : Chairman Navraj Gurung Hits-Out At Former SDF Minister G.M. Gurung For Referring SDF Party As “Book Of Lies”


  • Sujal Pradhan, NET Correspondent, Sikkim 

The Chairman of Information Technology (IT) Department, Navraj Gurung who also hold the post of Vice President for Press and Publicity, Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) on Saturday strongly reacted to the statement forwarded by former minister and second in command of Sikkim Democratic Party (SDF) G.M. Gurung, and asserted that, “GM Gurung looks ambitious as he has said that if President Pawan Chamling doesn’t take the leadership, he will take party along and come back again into power, which shows his intention of desperately wanting to be the chief minister of Sikkim.”

He also recalled that “once then CM Pawan Chamling stated ‘GM CM Hune Icha Gardaicha’ (GM wants to be CM) so it seems this came true today. But I must tell that GM Gurung minus Pawan Chamling is baseless, even he turned-out to be an MLA because of SDF party and its chief Pawan Chamling.”

Reacting to the another statement of GM Gurung “making Rodhi  Ghar is not enough for development of the Gurung”, Navraj Gurung said “we agree, making Rodhi Ghar is not enough to develop the community but SDF has failed to built the same in its 25 years of governance, its worthy to note that Rodhi ghar is a traditional house of Gurung community and an important component of Gurung’s culture which is closely associated with the identity of Gurung. Besides, it is also a place where we Gurung exchange our thoughts.”

“GM Gurung has failed to work for the welfare of Gurung community and even failed to construct even a single Rodhi Ghar after being a leader from Gurung community and there for government in long term. Hence, he is fearing to face the people and thereby skipped ‘Namthang Tamu Lochar’ celebration.” – asserted Gurung.

Its pertinent to note that recently, the second-in-command of Sikkim Democratic Party (SDF), G.M. Gurung alleged that the ruling Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) government is a ‘book of lies’. “They somehow managed to come into power, basically a repercussion which occurred due to SDF’s fault, but people are now regretting their decision, villagers have realized the lies been forwarded to them prior to the bypolls.” – stated Gurung.

Gurung further added, “SDF has just fallen down. It will stand again, if President Pawan Chamling doesn’t take the leadership, I will take party along and we will come back again. But we will come back, that is for sure.”