Nagaland : YTC Suspends Agitation, Demanding Upgradation Of Shamator Into Full-Fledged District

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  • Loreni Tsanglao, NET Correspondent, Nagaland 

The Yimkhiung Tribal Council (YTC) has agreed to suspend its ongoing agitation for the upgradation of Shamator sub-division into a full-fledged district with immediate effect.

According to a press release issued by the apex tribe body, “the notification served to the Yimkhiung NDPP Party functionaries and 58 Shamator-Chessore A/C MLA for en mass resignation shall stand null and void.”

“The Yimkhiung Public will rest the matter of Shamator district upgradation with the government and will continue to look forward for the positive outcome of Gentlemen Agreement with the state government. In the event of declaration of Shamator district, all the Yimkhiung inhibited administrative Hqs. must be incorporated.” – the release further reads.

“The YTC will extend its fullest co-operation to Hon’ble MLA Shri. S. Keoshu in matter of Shamator district upgradation. The resignation tendered by YTC President Shri. Throngso Yimkhiung shall stand null and void and resume the office of President, YTC with immediate effect, as appealed by all the Yimkhiung Villages and the frontal organisations.” – adds the release.

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