Mizoram : Lawngtlai DC Donates Blankets To Church Leaders For Supporting Underprivileged Citizens

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In an attempt to support the underprivileged citizens with blankets to tackle the bitterness of winter and support the vulnerable children who are at a great risk of suffering from severe illnesses, the Lawngtlai Deputy Commissioner (DC), Dr Andrew H. Vanlaldika today handed over 250 blankets at DC’s Conference Hall, Lawngtlai.

An initiative undertaken by Every Infant Matters, New Delhi, these blankets have been provided to church leaders within Lawngtlai District for onward distribution among the needy church members.

According to DIPR report, the blankets were meant to be distributed to the poor and needy families within Lawngtlai District, and for protecting children in such families from cold and to ensure their effective well-being. It was allocated to 10 church denominations, Lairam Motherless Home and 5 other parties.

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