Sikkim Government Planning To Develop More Isolation Centres At Checkposts : Rangpo SDM

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  • Sujal Pradhan, NET Correspondent, Sikkim 

A detailed preparation is yet to fall in place, if the new COVID-19 guidelines issued by the Sikkim Government is taken into context. For instance, the Rangpo checkpost has no isolation centre for those who have tested positive after RAT test.

However, patients infected with COVID-19 have been appealed to either return or shift back to their residences.

But managing vehicles for returning back to their places is very time-consuming. During such period, these patients have to wait at the Checkpost which possess high risk among other visitors. Thus, an isolation centre stood to be of utmost importance.

Responding to a query on the same, the Rangpo SDM, Milan Rai agreed the point who further stated that “those who comes with negative RT-PCR report have been allowed to cross the checkpoints, but we have also set-up a RAT facility centre for those who are unaware about the new rules. Although the local populace is suggested to return back to their residences for following home quarantine, but for tourists – paid quarantines in hotels are suggested. Till date we have not made separate isolation centre due to lack of space but we will soon develop isolation centre and deploy more Police force to maintain social distance.”

He also informed that in an average atleast 10 people are being tested positive in last few days.

Furthermore, places where RAT testing is conducted usually remained crowded, thereby standing as a point of high transmission risk.

In an attempt to prevent such outcomes, state government need to focus on this areas and deploy more man power thereby creating a path for hassle-free journey.

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