Mizoram : More Than 400 Myanmar Nationals Seeking Refuge In Lunglei

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  • Ezrela Dalidia Fanai, NET Correspondent, Mizoram 

In an attempt to aid the fresh waves of Myanmar nationals who had crossed the boundaries and taking shelter in the northeastern state of Mizoram for escaping the political tensions and Military Coup, the Mizoram Government have been extending possible assistance to the distraught people.

Accordingly, the Lunglei District officials have reported that the district has 432 Myanmar nationals seeking refuge in the district. Out of which, 13 are currently putting-up at three makeshift camps at Phairuangkai, Vanhne and Rotlang while the rest are currently residing with relatives in various villages of the district.

However, the Lunglei Sub-Headquarters of Young Mizo Association (YMA) are giving a monetary support of Rs. 900 to each Myanmar nationals, which were distributed in three installments.

The senior journalist, Thanghmingliana Renthlei of Lunglei reported that the Steering Committee for Myanmar at Lunglei is currently working to collect donations for the Myanmarese.

In Lawngtlai district, there are 99 new Myanmarese who have entered into Thingkah village from Chin state at 2 AM. They were received by the Young Lai Association and after getting a RAgT test, out of which 3 people were found to be COVID-19 positive.

Furthermore, Lalngheta Renthlei of Lawngtlai reported that the DC of Lawngtlai, Dr. Andrew H. Vanlaldika have visited the Myanmarese at Thingkah village. The Myanmar nationals have stated that as Myanmar Army have entered into their village and took people for interrogation; they have been forced to seek refuge in Mizoram.

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