Nagaland’s First-Ever Kite Festival Organized In Kikruma Village

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  • Loreni Tsanglao, NET Correspondent, Nagaland 

In an attempt to encourage the younger generation to dream high, a group comprising of nine members by the name ‘Zeal Associates’ today organized the first-ever Kite festival in Nagaland at Kikruma village under Phek district.

Initiated under the theme “Fly beyond the walls” the K2 Fest – Kikruma Kite Festival, the main objective of this festival was to spread the message of breaking all barriers, thereby imagining beyond creativities for achieving greater heights to enhance, induce and promote creativity.

“There are lot of aspects to earn a livelihood so choose and pursue what you want to do in life because that gives you satisfaction” said Nühüta Tünyi, EAC Pungro.

In his motivational speech Tünyi further said that sports is the fastest growing field in the world, which incorporates of great scope in terms of earning and getting sponsorship for livelihood.

“Nagaland witnessed two persons in world sports arena – Olympics, from the region, Dr T Ao (Football) and Chekrovolü Swuro (Archery),” – stressed Tünyi.

He further urged the participants to take-up sports as a profession.

Highlighting on the activities of their group, Teisovilie Tünyi, President of Zeal Associates, informed that the group was formed in the year 2012 with nine members who are from different profession but had a common vision with the motto ‘the future is now’ and with their contribution to help build a better society to live.

“To let the children dream high, have a broader mindset and it is of a believe that kite flying take off even sickness,” – he stressed briefing why their group organized the K2 fest despite other recreational events.

Children taking part in the kite festival
Children taking part in the kite festival

With the positive response from the participants, Teisovilie Tünyi, further informed that they will try to organize this event annually making it more colourful and judging on different categories.

He also urged the participants and the spectators to encourage making the K2 fest a bigger event in the days to come.

Around thousands from all age groups participated in the event. The biggest kite measuring 9 feet size was flown by a 60-year-old cultivator from Kikruma village, Nepotso Tünyi.

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