Escaping Deadly Junta, More Myanmar Nationals Seek Refuge In Mizoram

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  • Ezrela Dalidia Fanai, NET Correspondent, Mizoram¬†

After the fresh clash between Myanmar military and pro-democracy movement in Chin state, Mizoram has been witnessing another influx of refugee waves across various parts of its districts.

Mamit district authorities are currently undertaking a spot verification of Myanmarese at various villages of the district.

Although the district previously recorded 92 Myanmarese refugees seeking shelter in Ailawng, Khawrihmim, Lengte, Nghalchawm, Reiek, Dapchhuah, Dampui, Mamit Luangpawl, Mamit Venghlun and Zamuang villages, authorities have stated that the numbers will witness a rise, once official records are taken into context.

All Myanmar nationals within the district are given Rs. 600 per head (Rs. 500 for food and Rs. 100 for medicines) and supported with Legal Awareness.

In Champhai district, over 4000 Myanmarese have taken refuge in various parts within the district. Officials told Northeast Today that they are undertaking a profiling of the Myanmarese nationals. They will also be given an identification which will include all their particulars as well as their permanent address in Myanmar.

Currently, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) within the district are taking-up the task of providing the basic necessities required for the Myanmarese.

Lalramliana, a Village Council President of Farkawn village, under the Young Mizo Association (YMA)’s Tuipuiral branch of Champhai district asserted that they have received donations from Myanmar citizens residing in foreign countries.

He added that the Roman Catholic church in India is among the biggest contributor of donations to Myanmar nationals residing in Tuipuiral area of Champhai. The donations include rice bags, dal, cooking oil, soap and other basic necessities.

Lalramliana stated that NGOs are making arrangements to distribute 30-35 kgs of rice per family per month.

According to a senior journalist and editor of Hlimthla Daily News Paper, Laltlanthanga of Lunglei, the district currently has 1500 to 1600 Myanmar nationals seeking refuge. He confirmed that majority of these Myanmarese have entered from Matupi town of Chin state.

Laltlanthanga also stated that relief camps at Thaizawl and Phairuang villages are currently housing 60 to 80 Myanmarese, and added that Haulawng village NGO is currently building temporary relief camps to accommodate the rising influx of Myanmarese.

According to reports of Myanmar Refugees Nodal Officer, TT Beikhaizi at the meeting of Lawngtlai District Level Committee on Myanmar Refugees, there are 4,826 Myanmar nationals seeking refuge in Lawngtlai district. These include 2,572 males and 2,254 females. Of these, 1,585 are children below the age of 112 years.

The district is preparing to set-up more relief homes to accommodate the increasing influx of Myanmarese seeking refugees.

According to reports from Lalngheta Ralte, on January 22, 80 volunteers from the Young Lai Association prepared a relief camp at Tourist lodge. Ralte further added that Lawngtlai district has 5200 Myanmar nationals residing in various villages.

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