Assam : IIT-Guwahati Researchers Develop 3D Urban Furniture Made From Industrial Wastes

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Three Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Guwahati) researchers have developed a third-dimensional (3D) printed urban furniture through construction materials made from local industrial waste.

Researchers from Sustainable Resources for Additive Manufacturing (SReAM) at the institute – Dhrutiman Dey, Dodda Srinivas, and Bhavesh Chaudhari have developed new cementitious mix compositions, amenable for 3-D printing.

Jointly developed by IIT-G and Deltasys E Forming, this concrete printer comprises of – industrial wastes as binders to build 3D printed furniture with a seating height of 0.4 m, a width of 0.4 m, and arch-shaped support that was modelled and sliced using SolidWorks and Simplify 3D, respectively.

According to a press statement issued by the institute, the optimized designs are printed with 75 per cent less concrete and without the need for mold. This entire unit was printed layer by layer at an 80 mm/s speed, with each layer having a 10 mm height. After the unit was printed, it was covered by moist gunny bags for 7 days to cure before being utilized.

“We showcased how material-efficient structures can be produced in our lab-scale 3D printer. Our goal is to design high-performance concrete mixes made from industrial wastes for the printing such complex structures,” – asserted Dr. Biranchi Panda, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Guwahati.

This 3-member team is now exploring underwater concrete printing and the possibility of printing functional reinforced concrete using low carbon materials.

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