Assam : CM’s Convoy In Guwahati Will Be Reduced To 6 Cars; Check-Out Key Decisions

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In a bid to minimize public inconvenience, the Assam Cabinet today decided that Chief Minister’s convoy will be limited to 6 cars within Guwahati Metropolitan Area (GMC) and 12 across other areas/districts, excluding – Escort and Pilot.

During the road travel of CM, traffic will not be disrupted beforehand. While, if required, the same may be paused for a period not exceeding 2 mins.

Taking to Twitter, the Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma confirmed the news. “To end public inconvenience, we decided at the #AssamCabinet to reduce CM carcade size and stop halting traffic for long during CM’s travel. We also decided to stop felicitations for CM & Ministers at official meetings, besides deciding on civic polls, etc.” – he wrote.

Besides, movement of ambulance will get precedence over GM’s carcade, which won’t be stopped.

Among the key decisions undertaken by Assam Government, practice of felicitations, offering gifts to CM, ministers and senior officials during any official function will be discontinued. Visiting dignitaries will be provided with proper courtesy.

During official programmes tours and public programmes, ministers will provide information only on schemes, that are already part of budget or any other government announcement.

In the interest of financial prudence, CM & other ministers will not make any fresh announcements without taking into consideration on availability of adequate financial resources.

However, after consulting departments, schemes can be taken-up as per request made during the function.

According to an official notification, State Election Commission will schedule and conduct Municipal Elections before 10 March 2022.

Budget session of Assam Legislative Assembly to commence on March 14, 2022.

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