Sikkim Police Operating Under SKM Instructions : Alleges SDF Supporter Avinash Yakha

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  • Sujal Pradhan, NET Correspondent, Sikkim 

A new dimension have brewed-up over the Sadam stone pelting incident after cops apprehended Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) supporter – Avinash Yakha today for his alleged involvement into the incident.

A member of the key opposition front SDF Party, Yakha accused the Sikkim Police of apprehending him based on false information, and operating under on the instructions of the ruling party.

According to Yakha, his name was falsely mentioned in the First Information Report (FIR) submitted by the SKM party after the stone-pelting incident at Sadam, South Sikkim.

Yakha shared “I was not a part of the incident, as I was sick and staying at home with symptoms of COVID-19. The day that incident took place, I bought medicines from a store in Yangyang and I have the bills to prove it.”

Yakha alleged that even though other villagers had seen him in Yangyang on the same day as the stone-pelting incident at Sadam and even after the police asked the medical store for confirmation, he was still arrested.

“The police told me that they’ll take me for a RAT test in Yangyang Thana, but instead I was arrested and put in jail. Later I was taken to Namchi for RT-PCR test and I tested positive.”

“I was put in a cold, dark cell for 5 days by Sikkim police based on false information even after I tested positive. Nobody checked on my health and I was left to die by the government, Melli SHO & Namchi SP,” – accused Yakha.

“I can firmly state that they were planning to kill me. Even though I was not a culprit, but they still treated me like one of them. After few days I got bailed, but I want to let people know that the SHO of Melli and SI of Namchi working with the government they tried to kill me by putting me in dark cell despite being Covid positive. The police officers along with the government is framing me with conspiracy” he added.

Law and order should be followed, the delinquent person should be punished but the person who has not committed any crime should not be framed in any way.

He further stated of ensuring appropriate punishment for officials who mistreated him. “In order to attain justice, I shall knock the door of High court of Sikkim and if the HC fails to deliver me justice then I will appeal to Supreme Court.”

Yakha referring Sikkim to be a state of crime during the SKM government said “Sikkim referring as a peaceful State is now bustling with crimes, violence and with no proper democracy. Where the police are working for the politician and not for the society. Where money speaks louder than justification. Where higher authorities are affronting and domineering poor people. Where everyone works for the goodwill of the government and police officers are wagging their tails in front of the government.”

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