Hynniewtrep National Achik Movement Asks Government To Recognize Contribution Of “Khasi Warriors”

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The Hynniewtrep National Achik Movement (HANM) today asked the Meghalaya state government to observe July 16 as a day remembering the contribution of the “Khasi Warriors” in the First World War.

Speaking to media persons, HANM East Khasi Hills president, Bawan Nongsiej said that the state government has officially declared July 16 as Garo Labor Corp day, hence the government must also officially recognize the contribution of the Khasis in the First World War.

“This monument or Motphran was erected to remind the people of the state and the country as a whole of the contribution of the 26 Labor Corp in 1914 when few Khasi soldiers left for France to fight in the First World War, hence the state government must also officially recognize their contribution,” said Nongsiej.

Nongsiej also said that the monument at Motphran clearly highlighted that the state since World War-I, has had plenty of warriors hence the state government must also recognize their contribution by declaring July 16 as ’26 Labor Corp Day’ in the state.

He added that the state government and all stakeholders must work hand in hand to preserve all the monuments, monoliths especially the monument or the ‘Motphran’ to remain as it is as it indicates the sacrifices which the Khasis have contributed in 1914.


Source : Ukhrul Times (https://ukhrultimes.com/hynniewtrep-national-achik-movement-asks-govt-to-recognize-contribution-of-khasi-warriors/)

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