Hunphun to honour its ‘Zungphunsa’ to stand behind Somatai Shaiza (BJP)

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Hunphun Hanga Wungnao (Village Council) and Hunphun Frontal Organization held a joint meeting on February 3 regarding the forthcoming 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly Election, at Rashing hall, Awungtang Ukhrul.

H.A Sarimaya, Headman Hunphun Villaga Authority (HVA); W. Muirangwo, Secretary HVA; Hunphun Hanga Wungnao, Hunphun Longnao, Hunphun Executive Council (HEC), Hunphun Katamnao Long (HKL), Hunphun Shanao long (HSL) were present at the meeting.

The meeting resolution No. 1 declared that Hunphun Hanga and Hunphun Frontal Organization will stand united and support Somatai Shaiza, BJP candidate for 44-Ukhrul (ST) AC.

The resolution is taken to honour the oath taken (Zungphunsa) on March 8, 2021 that all Hunphun will stand united as one. Thursday’s meeting was toreaffirming the oath.

Anyone who doesn’t honour the declaration will be considered disobeying/going against entire Hunphun community, the declaration read.

On January 31, 2022, Shaiza Shang Shimva held a meeting and came into agreement that in this upcoming State Assembly, they will support Somatai Shaiza.



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