Assam Must Adopt Work Culture, Put An End To Dependency : CM Sarma 

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The northeastern state of Assam must change its outlook and adopt a work culture in order to reduce its reliance on others, according to Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma.

“The time has come to create a new Assam by adopting a work culture that will end this dependence of the state on others. In this regard, women can play a crucial role by engaging themselves in productive activities and encouraging others to also get involved,” he said.

He also stated that many commodities, including eggs still have to be procured from outside, which adds into the state’s gross domestic product.

Sarma was speaking at an event to distribute cheques to women beneficiaries under the Assam Micro-finance Incentive and Relief Scheme in Tinsukia, on Friday evening.

Addressing the ceremony, Sarma mentioned that women can play a crucial role in attaining the objective by engaging themselves into productive activities and also motivating others to get involved into the same.

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