Nagaland : Mini-Soil Testing Laboratory Inaugurated In Noklak

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  • Loreni Tsanglao, NET Correspondent, Nagaland 

The Agriculture Production Commissioner of Nagaland – Y. Kikheto Sema, IAS today inaugurated the Mini Soil Testing Laboratory at SDO (Soil) Office, Noklak.

During the inauguration programme, Sema informed the gathering that he was glad to yet again inaugurate another Mini labaratory for the people of Noklak and the state as well.

He informed the people that a more sophisticated Soil Testing Laboratory with Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) is in the pipeline and that the Mini lab is being commissioned for creating awareness among the farming community and for the benefit of the general public of the district.

Meanwhile, over the telephonic conversation with the Deputy Director-General of India Meteorological Department-North East (IMD-NE) – Dr. K. N. Mohan, Sema was assured that the meteorology infrastructure at Tuensang and Noklak districts will be installed with Agro-met AWS having a range of 50 kms radius.

Citing the fact that agriculture and allied activities are the major scopes for the people of Nagaland as large and medium scale industries are not feasible. He encouraged all the District officers posted in the district to work with dedication and make a legacy for themselves and contribute something for the people.

Sharing his observation during the visit to a coffee plantation and tea garden at Pangsha, where the coffee was planted on the south-western aspect, he observed that coffee grows and produce better on the north-eastern aspect. He added, with all these facilities at hand it will help the farming community as well as the allied departments in the planning and implementing the projects.

He observed that there is a price list for all imported commodities like rice, dal, chilli, potatoes, tomatoes etc. but the price list for organic local products is not available. Thus making it difficult for farmers to sell their produce at a fair price. Therefore, he requested the district administration Noklak to initiate and bring out the price list for all the agriculture produce in the district and set an example for the other districts.

Sema was also informed that aromatic tea of Noklak is one of the highly sought products and Honey from the district is also in high demand. He once again thanked the Deputy Commissioner (DC) and Superintendent of Police (SP), Noklak for tirelessly working for the welfare of the farming community in the district.

Deputy Commissioner also expressed his happiness to see new facilities that are beneficial for the farming community and requested the department to demonstrate the soil testing in the next DPDB meeting to create wide awareness among the technocrats and policy-makers as well.

Superintendent of Police, Noklak in her short speech thanked the Nodal Officer for bringing the Soil Testing Facilities as assured citing her observation that scientific agriculture is lacking in the state and the need for awareness creation is a must.

Additional Director, Department of Agriculture, B.N. Phom who also spoke during the occasion mentioned that, with the availability of soil testing facilities in the department, now the Soil and Water Conservation Department has become the nucleus of all agri & allied departments.

A technical report was presented by State Nodal Officer Meteorology K.Khekiho Shohe.

Meanwhile, Agriculture Production Commissioner, Nagaland Y. Kikheto Sema, IAS and his entourage held a meeting with all the Agri and Allied departments at DC’s Conference Hall, Noklak. The APC informed the house that, 2023 will be the International Year of Millets. Seeing the potential and abundance of Millets in the region, APC advised all the allied departments, District Administration and NGOs to give efforts and awareness for Millet cultivation. Accordingly, the meeting resolved to give effort for cultivation Job’s tears and perilla seeds cultivation in the district. Meanwhile, as requested by the District Administration and Khiamniungan Tribal Council for the urgent need of District Agriculture Officer in the District. The APC assured that he will look into the matter on priority.

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