Arunachal Pradesh : Private Schools To Permit Students Wear Traditional Outfits Every Monday

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In an attempt to conceptualize and promote the rich traditional attires, the private schools in Arunachal Pradesh have allowed students to wear traditional outfits every Monday.

This decision was undertaken by the Arunachal Pradesh Private Schools and Children Welfare Association during a meeting which was attended by representatives from over 180 educational institutions.

“The representatives of more than 180 schools in the state met on February 6 and adopted a resolution on making it mandatory for students to wear their traditional dress to school on Mondays. Most parents had suggested this.” – the association’s Vice-President Tarh Jhony told The Hindu.

“The students will have the freedom to wear their traditional dress, irrespective of communities. A Nyishi student can wear Nyishi tribal dress, a Galo can wear Galo, a Singpho can wear Singpho. Likewise, non-tribal students can wear their own traditional dress.” – he asserted.

However, students will not be allowed to wear accessories such as dao (machete) or ornaments that may be harmful to other students, informed the APPSCWA President – Yowa Bullet.

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