Arunachal Pradesh : Northeast Cane Unit Appoints AUS As Knowledge & Implementation Partner For 3 Years

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The North East Cane and Bamboo Development Council (NECBDC) under the North Eastern Council (NEC) has appointed the Arunachal University of Studies (AUS) as its knowledge & implementation partner for the next three years.

The main objective of this council has been undertaken to strengthen, enhance quality and monitor the initiatives of NECBDC.

Referring the venture as a new beginning, the AUS Chairman – Dr Ashwani Lochan stated that the initiative will enhance skill in the cane and bamboo sector, thereby providing employment opportunities to underprivileged sections of the nation.

Besides, this venture will also incorporate of conducting impact assessment and viability study with respect to cane and bamboo related projects; establishing new production units; aspiration mapping of various products that can be developed using cane and bamboo, along with its marketing strategies in both domestic and international markets (with special emphasis on high-end products); end-to-end supply chain strengthening with priority given to local producers, and partnering with relevant ancillary industries.

Established in 2012, the NECBDC formally termed as CBTC is a bamboo technical support group of the National Bamboo Mission for the eastern region and covers eight states of the north eastern region, and the states of West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa and Jharkhand.

It has also developed 32 cane and bamboo clusters across the North East benefitting around 4,000 households directly or indirectly.

The council was incorporated with the objective of organizing the untapped bamboo sector of NE India which is a significant occupant of its topography, culture and customary practices since time immemorial.

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