Meghalaya : Two Workers From Assam Die Of Asphyxiation Inside West Khasi Hills Coal Mine

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In a tragic incident, two labourers from Assam are said to have reportedly died of asphyxiation while working inside a coal mine located in the Shallang area of West Khasi Hills district in Meghalaya.

Identified as – Ainuddin Ali (28), a resident of Malibari village; and Sukur Ali, a resident of Botiamari village, both the workers lost their lives during an exploration process of a new coal mine.

Both the hamlets fall under the Boko area of Kamrup district, which shares a border with West Khasi Hills district.

According to reports, both the workers had gone deep inside a coal mine, which was reportedly closed for about four to five years.

As a result, the pair died from severe asphyxia, probably due to a lack of oxygen.

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