War-On-Drugs : Mizoram Narcotics Department Inaugurates ‘National Fund For Control Of Drug Abuse’ Project

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  • Ezrela Dalidia Fanai, NET Correspondent, Mizoram

The Ministry of Finance, Narcotic Control, Government of India and Excise & Narcotics unit of Mizoram Government today launched the National Fund for Control of Drug Abuse project. Various anti-drug campaigns have been launched as part of the programme.

The Department also organized an ‘Anti Drug Short Film Competition 2021’ which incorporated of 31 entrants and featuring short films of less than 15 minutes.

Besides, a prize distribution programme was held at the Commissionerate of Excise & Narcotics Conference Hall where Minister Dr. K. Beichhua attended the event as its Chief Guest.

Speaking at the function, the Minister stated that Mizoram has not only become a crossroads for drug trafficking, but has also become a centre for it, with many of our youth becoming addicted to various types of narcotics.

“Every family must ask the important question of whether we are free from this evil. Our state and youths can still be saved and it is the duty of NGOs, church, community and every family to fight the menace of drugs,” he added.

The three prize winners of the programme are –

1st prize : NUN KA DUH, Produced by Screen Farm Productions; Prize money Rs. 3 lakhs

2nd Prize : VOICES IN THE HEAD, Produced by Nuna Hrahsel; Prize money Rs. 2 lakhs

3rd Prize : A LA TLAI LO, Produced by Peter Video Production; Prize money Rs 1 lakh

Its worth mentioning that the Department of Excise & Narcotics had previously organized a poetry writing competition on the same topic during December last year.

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