Frustrated Unemployed Youths Choose Path Of Violence : Tripura Former CM – Manik Sarkar

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  • Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura 

Agartala, February 21, 2022 : The former chief minister of Tripura – Manik Sarkar on Monday alleged that the attacks and violence taking place across the state are being initiated by the unemployed youths as they are deprived and frustrated during the past four years.

On the late night of Sunday last, two houses of Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) supporters were attacked at Gandhigram area in the suburbs of Agartala city.

Sarkar, who is also the leader of opposition CPI-M visited the houses and strongly condemned the incident. He also accused the alleged ruling party workers for carrying out such attacks.

Speaking to reporters, the former chief minister said that the alleged ruling party workers had carried out attacks when male members of the houses were out and only the females were present.

He said “This kind of attack on women and in absence of men are signs of cowardice. This attack has been organized by the unemployed youths out of frustrations”.

“Before the formation of new government in 2018, BJP made commitments to employ the unemployed youths by giving a miss call, 50,000 vacant posts would be filled up but nothing has happened”, he added.

Sarkar said “Recently, there is a split in the BJP party. So an attempt has been made to involve a part of them in such activities by luring them with money”. He further claimed these steps would not last long.

The leader of the opposition asserted that the persons involved in such activities will also suffer. “The BJP leadership will throw out these people once the saffron party no longer remains in power”, he also added.

Notably, miscreants attacked the house of CPIM West Tripura district committee member Swapan Deb and party Gandhigram local committee secretary Uttam Saha at Gandhigram with sharp weapons and bamboo sticks on the late night of Sunday last.

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