International Mother Language Day : Pakistan Must Seek Apology From Bangladesh; Asserts Tripura’s Education minister

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  • Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura 

Agartala, February 21, 2022 : Amidst colourful procession and participation of people from different walks of life, the state-level programme of ‘Antorjatik Matri Bhasha Diwas’ also known as ‘International Mother Language Day’ is being celebrated in the capital city of Tripura on Monday.

Recalling the origin of language movement in Bangladesh, Education minister Nath on Monday elucidated how the then East Pakistan’s Bengali speaking people revolted against the one-sided decision of West Pakistan in imposing ‘Urdu’ as their national language.

Addressing the state-level programme of ‘International Mother Language Day’, Nath said, “The government of Pakistan did not seek apology to the people of Bangladesh. All know about the atrocities that the West Pakistanis had done with the people of the then East Pakistan (Bangladesh).”

“Regrettably, the barbaric act was neither acknowledged by Pakistan nor expressed any lament for its deeds in the past. Still, this country is hoping to break India into pieces. But I will ask our neighbours to apologize first to Bangladesh for their gruesome actions in the past”, he added.

Citing the significance of this auspicious day, the Education minister said “In the language movement on February 21, 1952, Salam, Barkat, Jabbars laid their lives for their language. Since then the day has been observed as Bhasha Diwas. Afterwards UNESCO also recognized the day, February 21 is International Mother Language Day.”

He said, “In the New Education Policy of India emphasis has been given on teaching in mother tongue.” He informed, ‘Kokborok’ language has been introduced in 45 primary schools, 49 secondary schools and 22 higher secondary schools during the last four years. The state government has also decided to recruit Kokborok PGT and college teachers.

In this programme, ICA minister Sushanta Chowdhury, Assistant high commissioner of Bangladesh Arif Mohammed, chairman of State Higher Education Council Dr Arunoday Saha, and Director of Education department Chandni Chandran, Mayor of Agartala Municipal Corporation Dipak Majumder were also present.

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