Meghalaya : Shillong Rivers Highly Contaminated With Urban Sewage; Reveals Water Quality Index 

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Shillong rivers are battling for survival after their water quality were determined to be inadequate, as revealed by the latest water quality index report.

According to recent water quality assessment, the pH of Umshyrpi stream near Shillong Law College has a pH level of 7.1, a dissolved oxygen level of 0.7 mg and a biochemical oxygen demand of 35.0 mg. The pH, DO and BOD at Umshyrpi are 7.4, 3.2 mg and 21 mg.

While, the pH level of Wah Umhrah at Demthring is 7.4, DO of 1.2 mg and BOD of 30 mg. At Umkaliar, near the Shillong abattoir and Mawpdang Mawlai, the readings are 7.6, 4.5 mg and 12.5 mg, 7.4, 0.5 mg and 40 mg, and 7.1, 1.3 mg and 28 mg.

The Lunar River, a tributary of Lukha, has a recorded pH level of 2.9, DO of 6.8 mg and BOD of 2.7 mg.

Pristine waters have a value of less than 1 milligramme per litre, highly contaminated waterways have a value of 2–8 milligrammes per litre, and treated urban sewage has a value of 20 milligrammes per litre. The pH of water from water quality index indicates how acidic or basic it is. For example, the pH of river water is acidic if it is less than 7 and alkaline or basic if it is greater than 7.

Its worthy to note that Umshyrpi and Wahumkhrah rivers have been mentioned in the list of country’s most polluted rivers, as informed by the chairman of the Committee on Environment of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly – SK Sunn.

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