Opposition Parties Resurrected Subject Of Milk Pricing : Sikkim CM – Prem Singh Tamang

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  • Sujal Pradhan, NET Correspondent, Sikkim 

The Sikkim Chief Minister – Prem Singh Tamang (Golay) today clarified on issues related to  declining of milk price, subsidy and functioning of Sikkim Milk.

Addressing on this burning issue, Golay stated that “The opposition has resurrected the subject of milk pricing, and they are misleading the public by claiming that we have decreased the price and are not paying subsidies, when in reality we have paid the subsidy. I’d also want to mention that the state government will grant milk incentives every two months, commencing from March 2022.”

He also stated that beginning March 1, 2022, farmers will be paid a minimum of Rs 40 per litre, making it one of the highest milk payments.

Following the announcement, Golay emphasised that milk quality should be good, with at least 3.5 percent fat, and that farmers need not be concerned because a subsidy of Rs 8 is available. This is solely for the purpose of ensuring high-quality milk production.

“Due to low quality of milk, Army supply has been cancelled, so we have lost the 7000 litres milk supply,” said Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang today while addressing an awareness programme.

“But I will talk about this issue to Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and hopefully we will get the supply order again, but we have to supply good quality milk with bigger fat amount, only then they will agree,” he said.

“It is critical that we adapt to changing times and take advantage of technological advancements. Today’s awareness session is really enlightening in terms of agricultural improvements that might benefit people even in metropolitan settings. It is not essential to use these procedures in huge places, which is an advantage.” – he further added.

We believe these programmes would benefit our people, especially now that the State government has announced incentives on a variety of agricultural products.

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