Pledging For Safer Environment : Assam Government To Order 200 Electric Buses For Guwahati

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Electric buses offer a unique mix of benefits to the companies that buy them, the towns they travel through, and the environment in general, while their quiet, smooth journeys give passengers a sense of security and dependability. In light of the advantages, the Assam government has decided to put an order for 200 electric buses within the next month, which would ply on stretches of Guwahati.

Besides, the state Cabinet in August 2021 decided to procure 200 electric buses and 100 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses for Guwahati in order to contribute to the global campaign dealing to reduce carbon emission.

Sarma further declared that if the party gains control of urban local bodies, it will implement emission-free public transportation for citizens. Meanwhile, if the BJP wins the election, it plans to roll out a fleet of electric commercial cars in smaller areas.

“Carbon emission is a global issue. We will try to help in controlling carbon emission by introducing an electric mode of transportation,” – he added.

Sarma said that the manifesto pledges clean water to every home in metropolitan areas as well as the adoption of a scientific waste management system.

The BJP party also addressed concerns such as granting land rights to impoverished people in cities and addressing inconsistencies in land-related rules to streamline allotment procedures, according to the chief minister.

Its worthy to note that polls along 80 municipal boards will be held on March 6, 2022, which will be conducted in accordance with the Election Commission of India’s (ECI) standards and COVID-19 protocols.

As per the Assam Election Commission (AEC), the deadline for filing nominations is February 15, and applications will be scrutinised on February 17. However, 5900 EVMs have been made available, and all necessary preparations have been taken to ensure a successful municipal election process, according to the SEC.

The state election commission mentioned that there are 977 wards or seats in the 80 municipal boards across the northeastern state.

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