Nagaland Congress Lashes-Out At NPF President For “Those Against NPF Are Against Nagas” Statement

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  • Loreni Tsanglao, NET Correspondent, Nagaland

The President of Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) – K Therie today lashed out at the recent statement forwarded by the President of Naga People’s Front (NPF) – Dr. Shurhozelie that “those against NPF are against Nagas”.

Referring the same, as a desperate last attempt, Therie asserted that such statements are  misleading and is uncalled for. “Everyone is working for the welfare of the people.” – he said.

According to a press note issued by NPCC, Therie mentioned that “NPF’s politics is detrimental to the interests of Nagas in Manipur. They are limiting the arena of Nagas in India and Manipur. NPF’s politics ends at Kohima. NPP’s politics also ends at Shillong. They cannot defend or protect the interests of Nagas in Parliament. They are mere stooges of the BJP. Voting for NPF or for BJP is the same. One of NPF’s candidates has publicly assured to support BJP.”

“NPF is contesting in few Naga inhabited areas with the support of UGs. They have threatened INC candidates and pressed them to withdraw their nominations while voters are threatened with dire consequences. NPF cannot win even one seat without the support of UGs. They have exhibited evidence before Govt of India and Manipur people. It is a violation of election code of conduct and they are liable to be disqualified. It is against the democratic system.” – the press release further reads.

“People want free and fair election. The undercurrent is different. The people will defeat NPF for their nexus with UGs. Shri Rahul Gandhi and Shri Narendra Modi’s rallies have spoken the minds of the people of Manipur. The crowd in Shri Rahul Gandhi’s rally was over 50,000 whereas Shri Narendra Modi’s was just about 10,000. It proves that there is groundswell in favour of secularism.” – he further added.

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