Nagaland : NSCN Chairman Points-Out Crucial Role Of Women During Freedom Movement

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The Chairman of National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) – Ino. Q. Tuccu hailed the vital role played by women, which was unequivocally recognized in the freedom movement.

Addressing the 13th General Assembly of the National Socialist Women’s Organization of Nagalim (NSWON), Tuccu asserted that the task of nation building is an arduous task that involves men as much as women.

“Please remember that women are often the strongest voice with their prayerful involvement for peace and courage to stand upright at all time defending the Naga people’s rights.” – stated Tuccu.

According to a press note, Tuccu emphasized further on the presence of women felt immensely during the nation building process of Nagalim, since its inception on February 15, 1981.

“This 13th General Assembly should be used to strengthen your spirit of nationalism as we are passing through a challenging period. You have a meaningful role to play to instill courage and hope in our political struggle for our God’s given right because you are the corner stone of the Naga society. We need your contribution more than ever before to build a strong and vibrant Naga nation.” – the press note further reads.

“My dear sisters, I am happy to note that in your midst there are many wonderful and inspirational women trying their best to advance women’s role as they stand side by side with men to make more meaning of women in the Naga political struggle. Please keep up the spirit. The Naga nation owed you so much because your increasing level of political education will go a long way to unleash your power for a better future.” – he further added.

He also stated that women formed the political base upon which male leaders could rise up higher in the service of the nation.

“You hold the logic of patriotic spirit pushing the men to go forward and never to look back in the fight for national liberation.” – asserted Tuccu.

“In this auspicious occasion, let us remember our many fallen women who suffered martyrdom. Let us be inspired by their sacrificial spirits as they embrace death to give us a better future. In conclusion, let me remind you that women have enormous responsibilities, first to God, then to men and finally to the nation. Never shy away from these responsibilities. It is, however, important that you need to strike a balance without neglecting any of these responsibilities. May God give you the wisdom and courage!” – he further added.

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