Ukraine Crisis : Naga Students’ Federation Releases Helpline Nos. To Address Grievances Of Stranded Pupils

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The Russian President – Vladimir Putin’s announcement of invading Ukraine through a military operation, led to a catastrophic loss of life and human suffering.

In view of this precarious situation, the office of Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) informed all Naga individuals, students, parents and relatives stranded in Ukraine, or currently taking shelter in neighbouring countries after having fled the country to provide details of such persons, through given helpline nos./e-mail of Grievances Cell (NSF : +917005305832/ +918974508102/ E-mail ID :

According to a press release, the federation “appeals to all family members and relatives of those stranded Naga individuals to remain calm and immediately get in contact with the office of the federation by providing the particulars of such persons through the contact details as provided.”

“Further, the federation has been in close coordination with the Nagaland state government to ensure that all possible help and necessary support are extended to those in need or in distress in the evacuation process of our fellow Naga brothers and sisters.” – the press release further reads.

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