Camera Trapping Exercise For Detecting Tiger Movements Underway In Arunachal Pradesh

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The Camera trapping exercise to estimate tiger populations, detect tiger movements between sites, and monitoring overall ecosystem health is underway in the northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh.

Part of the ‘All India Tiger Estimation 2022’ under the Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary, this exercise will be initiated through a mobile application, i.e., the entire process will go paperless, and use a polygon search strategy specifically designed for steep terrains like those of the frontier state.

Taking to Twitter, the Department of Environment, Forests & Climate Change wrote, “Camera trapping exercise going on as part of All India Tiger Estimation 2022 under Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary. This time whole exercise will be paperless using mobile application, adopting polygon search method specially devised for hilly terrain.”

Camera traps provide data on species location, population sizes and how species are interacting. They also help to understand how humans and livestock interact with each other and other forms of wildlife.

This can be left in the field to continuously watch an area of habitat for weeks or even months, recording the rarest events occurring amid the green cover.

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