Skill Or Luck? Card Games Featuring Winning Sequences

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What the Brits call 3 Card Brag has become popular as Teen Patti in India. Also called flush, flash, and 3 Patti, Teen Patti is a trending game, especially when online casinos are on the rise. While it may appear to be a game of luck, Teen Patti online involves something more. Teen Patti, the word itself means ‘three cards.’ This card game is one of the most popular games of online casinos in India. Like every game, this too has some special tricks. So, what are the winning sequences in it?

First things first: What is a sequence?

The sequence is a hand that can work like magic and wins the game for you. In Teen Patti Online, a sequence is a combination of 3 cards that are most likely to bring winnings. While the sequence depends upon the variations, we choose to highlight the best sequence in a classic game. Teen Patti is often seen as similar to Poker, but with 3 cards, the variations differ in winnability. Here is a list of top sequences to look for in Teen Patti Online.   

Sequence 1: Trial/Trio, Three of a kind set: The best

In Teen Patti Online, this set is a sure jackpot. Like the name says, all the cards should have the same value here. Here, your set is three of a kind. This is considered the highest sequence in Teen Patti. For obvious reasons, Three A’s are of the highest rank, while three 2’s are the lowest. 

Sequence 2: Pure Sequence/trail, Straight Flush: 

These are rare, and by rare, we mean to say that the chance of you getting these is 0.22%. It is formed by three consecutive cards of the same suit (i.e., spade, diamond, club, or heart). It should be noted that all suites hold equal weightage, and no suite is superior to the other. The highest flush here is Ace-King-Queen, followed by Ace-2-3, King-Queen-Jack, etc. The lowest flush is 4-3-2, and the sequence of 2-Ace-King is invalid.          

Sequence 3: Normal run or sequence

This may sound similar to Sequence 2 mentioned above, but it is completely different. While the three cards have to be consecutive, they may not be of the same suit. The possibility of this sequence is more than the previous one and stands at 3.26%. The highest move here, too, is Ace-King-Queen, followed by Ace-2-3, King-Queen-Jack, etc. The lowest Teen Patti hands here are 3, 4, 5, and 4, 3, 2. 

Sequence 4: Color/Flush 

This has a possibility of 4.96% and involves three non-sequentially selected cards of the same suit. You can have any suit, but the cards should be of the same suit. Consecutiveness, value, highs, and lows are not as important as the cards being of the same suit. On the ranking part, A-K-J would be the highest flush and 5-3-2 the lowest-ranking flush. 

Sequence 5: Pair, Two of a kind

This sequence does not follow the conventional three-card trend. A pair means two, and a pair in Teen Patti Online means two cards of the same value. The suit color does not matter. They just have to be equal in value. 

Note: If two players have the same ranking pair, the odd card determines the winning hand. For example, King-King-Jack would be declared a winner against King-King-9. Two aces are a jackpot here, and Two 2’s are the worst you can get. 

Sequence 6: High Card 

This sequence asks you to focus only on the value of one card. This is the most achievable hand. Its probability stands at 74.39%. When we talk about value, you’ll have to try to get an A, K, Q, J, or 10. The color of the suit does not matter. We only need the value here. 

The Panacea: So, which is the winning sequence? 

A Trial/Trio, ‘Three of a kind’ set is the highest of the lot. But there is a type of trial which outperforms every other sequence. 3 Aces can be your panacea in any online casino in India or the world. The probability of getting it is low, but the winnability here stands at 100%. 

Conclusion: How do you ace Teen Patti?     

Whether you play it offline or in any online casino in India, Teen Patti requires an element of skill. You win a game only if you know it and play it better than your rivals. These are the winning sequences of Teen Patti or Teen Patti Online. While it remains a game of luck here, knowing it makes you an informed player. Understand the sequences, and know the various hand rankings before you begin playing. Also, make sure to have a firm grip on the variations in the game of Teen Patti. The popular ones are best-of-four, Muflis, Low Wild, High Wild, Community, Draw, etc.     

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