Nagaland : Strengthening & Developing Infrastructures Will Facilitate Economical Growth; Asserts NPCC President

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  • Loreni Tsanglao, NET Correspondent, Nagaland 

The Global Naga Forum (GNF) asserted that “strengthening and developing statehood with infrastructure is the only way for Nagaland to facilitate the growth of economy and employment is the way to go forward.”

According to a rejoinder issued by the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) President – K Therie, “Global Naga Forum is a big name and the name indicates it is an association of the intelligentsia. No one is stopping anyone else from achieving greater political spectrum than that of the 16 Point Agreement but without doing so, rebuking the 16 Point Agreement without achieving any improvement is unacceptable. We expect the intelligentsia to understand. Everyone is enjoying the benefits out of it. Making such pre-meditated statement against an individual and against Statehood exhibits a mindset of hatred. Dr. S. C. Jamir may not be Ezekiel but Global Naga Forum’s rejoinder is hateful.”

It is common knowledge that in the process of negotiation, both parties have made clear that the issue of Sovereignty and Integration are not negotiable. Further, the Framework Agreement according to the 213th Report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs (30 Members of Parliament, represented by all parties) is interpreted as follows : Settlement will be within the Union of India; Interstate boundaries shall not be changed; Generous economic package was recommended.

“We have wasted one generation in negotiation. For GOI, they can wait for 100 years and they have nothing to lose. But for stakeholders, we want peace and better avenues for our children. We understand the ‘peoples government’ does not want solution. Even after talks have concluded, they want negotiations to resume. When GOI is pressed for implementation of Agreed Position, GOI says we also have to honour the Peoples government.” – the press release further reads.

“Given opportunity, Congress will implement the Agreed Position. We will strengthen the State and provide modern opportunities to our children. We will facilitate and ensure smooth conduct of interstate economy.” – it further adds.

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