Mizoram Government Committed To Resolve Border Conflict With Assam Through Negotiations : Home Minister – Lalchamliana

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The Mizoram home minister – Lalchamliana asserted that state government’s boundary committee has decided to negotiate with Assam to find an amicable solution to the protracted Assam-Mizoram border conflict.

Both neighbouring states would have to accept the boundary panel recommendations or the apex court verdict, according to Lalchamliana.

According to Lalchamliana, “The boundary committee, chaired by deputy chief minister Tawnluia, determined to resolve the interstate border dispute through negotiations.”

Representatives from all major political parties, civil societies, and student organizations, except for the Joint Action Committee (JAC) on Inner Line Forest Reserve Demand decided that conversation with the Assam government is the best option for resolving the border dispute, he said.

The border committee had also created a draft, which will be presented to the Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis once the team arrived in Mizoram, according to the Mizoram Home Minister.

He also stated that in order to reach an agreement, negotiations should always be conducted on a ‘give and take’ basis.

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