NE Origins Celebrates Women-Owned Business

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Its women’s day today and on behalf of the solid women of NE Origins we’d like to wish all the other women of all shapes, sizes and sexes a Happy Women’s day. It can rightfully be stated that women don’t need a particular day to be dedicated to them that celebrates their glory in everyday life, but we disagree slightly. After all, it has been a really long, unceasing journey from times when we women were hanged for trying to be knowledgeable to this day and age, where many of us have shed all inhibitions and have faced the horrors along with the glories of the world in naked garbs and fearless eyes; paving way for our fellow sisters to step ahead in freedom and strength.

Ne Origins is a company with a very strong feminine presence, not only is 85% of the staff all women, but more than 40% of the sellers on the platform are major companies of the North East India with a woman as its CEO.

Many of the women in NE Origins have started from humble roots with really inspiring stories that have gone forward to shape the kind of women we have become today. Let us explore what they have to say :

Tika Subba , Operations Manager 

“As per my understanding up until now, women can do many kinds of jobs and works that are present in the world. However, my greatest inspiration will always be my mother. She is our single mother of four children but I have never heard the words, “I can’t do it” coming from her mouth, or never has she acted like she would give up. It is her dedication, sacrifice, and her strength that has helped me become a graduate, independent and a hard working women and I’m a lucky one, because I have an invincible female figure in my life, my mother. I just want every woman to know that as women in this world, we must never keep our heads down. We must face every situation and think like equals only then we will be treated like equals.”

Elizah Tamang, Backend and packaging manager 

“I believe that on a realistic level, women empowerment is all about being independent socially as well as financially and also being able to make decisions by oneself without any fear or doubt. It is true that in this male dominant society it is very difficult to find equality among men in many aspects. I believe that women should never feel like they may not be strong enough physically because women are strong by birth. It’s just about changing the way that the society perceives the definition of what strength is.”

Shruti Pradhan, Social Media Executive 

“Women empowerment, for me, means acknowledging every woman’s fight. We often hear “Look at her. She’s an IAS officer/a doctor/a business tycoon. That’s what REAL women empowerment is. Not girls wanting to party in short skirts.”

The fight is not one woman against another. The fight for wage gap is valid the fight for walking alone at night is valid. The fight for helping women from weaker sections of the society rise up is valid. The fight for wearing what we like is valid. The fight for having an amazing career and not being questioned for it is valid. Women empowerment for me is simply normalizing equality and the things that we shouldn’t have had to fight for in the first place.”

Chimi, Business Development Manager 

“Coming from an all-girl Covent school, headed by a Lady, it was indeed an irrelevant concept for me to take a back seat for being a woman. Therefore since an early stage I was very persistent on taking up roles irrespective of my gender be it a captain-ship or leading as a president of Interact club (rotary international), bagging best president to representing in the inter forum I saw no glass ceiling I couldn’t break. Moreover, I tired sustaining my lineage of representing myself in college from being editor-in-chief of college newsletter to defeating male counterpart and winning the seat of literary and debate secretary. After college I entered into a male dominated tech industry, where there were only two females in my team headed by male team leads. You see, patriarchy never stood like a tall giant on my way, blocking my way of any endeavors however it came in irrational whispers and gossips like “how could she..” ,(mind the pronoun) patriarchy never stopped my flight but it subtly tried to step on my cape while I tried to fly!

Cherry Saria, Accounts Executive 

“My name is Cherry Saria, accountant executive in NE Origins and owner and founder of a small homegrown business, kuddles. I feel in a male dominated society like ours it is very important for women to be able to stand equally with men in all aspects especially financially. In our society a man’s voice and opinions matters more than a woman’s. Having personally experienced all these in the past years, I have grown up as a strong and independent woman both mentally and financially. I believe that we should learn to stand up to what we feel is right and work to fulfill all our dreams.”

Bishalta Pradhan, Finance and Analytics 

“Women empowerment means equality, a partnership of sorts, wherein we find both men as well as women working in harmony in all fields while working towards all-round betterment.

I was bought up in a women empowered family, I look up to my grandmothers and mother who have played an important role in shaping my virtues. We were never raised to believe even for a second that women are any less than a man in any aspect. We were always taught to be financially and emotionally dependent on anyone but our own selves. In terms of working for NE Origins, I feel that we have always been encouraged to take chances, make our own decisions and work with all freedom of thought.”

Nim Tshering Pakhrin, Content Manager 

“All my younger years I never knew what was the big deal about women wanting to be equals, because weren’t we all equals in the first place? It was after I matured that I understood the many struggles and issues women face on a daily basis because I started facing these issues as well; but being the person I was, I fought back, first in innocence and then with all my might because that’s how you master anything; first as an amateur and then as a master. I started reading and understanding all the many aspects, characters and traits that were integrally feminine which helped me to treat women more generously even if our vibes didn’t match; I realized how very important it is to support another woman and never bring her spirit down with your words or actions because of the everlasting impact that would make on her spirit.

Later I also read into masculinity and all that surrounds it. It was very revealing when I learnt that we were all masculine as well as feminine in many ways, and how knowledge could save all that was human in us. Today, I know that there is misbalance between the two aspects of humanity and that it is up to us to work on recognizing and maintaining this balance in the world.”

This women’s day we wish that the mothers, wives, sisters and girls never cease to stand up next to each other, and walk ahead with each other. May a lot more sanity and organization be given to the world with women as leaders. May the revolution of equality work unceasingly to help the human race correct all the wrong that has been done to the womankind.

And with each achievement and indestructible act of courage, that we remember and cherish today; may women flourish in the way that they want to. It is these aspects and traits of a feminal spirit that we search inside ourselves every day. For when one woman stands up and takes a step, she paves a way for all her sisters to come.

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