Recruitment For School Faculties Will Be Completed Within 1 Month : Meghalaya Education Minister

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The Meghalaya Education Minister – Lahkmen Rymbui assured on Tuesday that the recruitment of school teachers would be completed within a month.

“The recruitment process is underway, and we aim to (finish it) in the shortest possible period,” Rymbui said in the Assembly.

“If there are no issues, we will complete within one month,” he further added.

Meanwhile, the Opposition leader – Mukul Sangma stated that there are 23 schools with a shortage of instructors pending the appointment of over 184 new teachers. The government should make certain that youngsters do not go without an education.

The Opposition leader Mukul Sangma asked that there are 23 schools with a shortage of instructors. While, the appointment of over 184 teachers are still pending.

“The government should ensure that the children are not deprived of education.” – mentioned Sangma.

Responding to the statement, Rymbui added that interim measures will be implemented while the process of appointing teachers is underway.

“We appointed instructors last year, but there are districts where skilled teachers are in short supply. We’ve already completed MTET tests, and the process of filling these open positions is underway. Whatever we do, it will be a long-term solution,” he stated.

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